Multispace is a  space complete with successful architectural solutions, smart zoning, and leading construction technologies. 

Every Multispace work area is part of common space, on the one hand, but has unique features that allow improving efficiency, on the other hand.


Wide range of

The familiar understanding of office-carved space or same-type desks alternating in open space can no longer be as productive for teams as the space that provides a wide range of variability and a flexible set of services, where employees can change their location depending on their tasks and projects. 

Using the space for team and individual work, rest, and relaxation areas, as well as facilities for meetings and presentations, allows employees to fulfill various needs without ever leaving the building.


Every day, employees set themselves various goals and focus on solving miscellaneous problems. Multispace consists of a variety of workspace topologies, where each resident can find the right space to perform a particular task. 


Smart architectural space zoning in Multispace, based on numerous studies, means cross-functional division of work zones, where typologies for individual and focused work are placed away from teamwork areas. 


Digital solutions are used across-the-board not only in all work areas, but in public spaces as well. They join the entire space and employees in a unique way, creating efficient work atmosphere. 


The Multispace philosophy is based on constantly expanding diversification of workspace. Currently, there are over 20 work typologies, starting with areas for focused work and all the way to an amphitheatre and an area for team brainstorming. 


Multispace structure

Functional zoning in Multispace is based on the storey-gradient principle, with common areas below and gradually move up to corporate office storeys. 

Digital Solutions


Multispace Mobile App is a unique comprehensive digital solution for managing office space and infrastructure. 

of Workspace 




Guest Invitation

Group Chats


Management and control 


Video Conference 
& Screen Mirroring

& Air Conditioning
& MFDs
Sun Protection 
& CO2

Drink ordering

Integration with corporate café 

Car park 




Meeting room 




200+ Metrics

A vast database built on hundreds of metrics gives the most transparent picture of office space use. 

Efficient Use

Detailed understanding of office energy use helps to maximise efficiency of workspace and meeting room reservations, as well as redistribute the space load.

Data analysis for any time period

You have constant access to analytical reports, which allows solving any work problems instantly and making forecasts of the load in any area.  

Progressive office

You can make your office more comfortable by adapting it to the needs of your employees and management, as well as get a ready-made workplace strategy without spending additional resources.

Multispace analytical algorithms allow collecting and analysing information on use of Face ID services, multimedia, workspace, meeting room and locker reservation system, as well as the efficiency of engineering systems.

True Agile

Agile transformation is the new trend that is spreading all over the world. For office residents, this may become a way to save space and improve employee efficiency. The entire top management, from heads of the largest state corporations to small start-ups, is involved in the transformation trend.


More and more companies are reconsidering their idea of office space and its configuration.

Business leaders ask how they can keep talented employees and attract the new generation that has creative thinking, unusual ideas, and a fresh viewpoint.


The Multispace True Agile is a comprehensive solution based on Activity-Based Working (ABW), maximum autonomy, mobility, and flexibility. The spirit of human-centricity permeates the office space and creates an atmosphere of maximum comfort and efficiency.