Ready-to-move-in Offices

- Ready to move-in сorporate offices

- Offices of various sizes and capacity

- Hi-tech service spaces in the Agile format

- Customization upon resident’s request

- Flexible approach to solving resident problems


- Offices built in compliance with the client’s technical design assignment

- Customised design and layout solutions

- Minimum move-in-period — 2 months

- Integration of a unique digital ecosystem

Multispace a Place Where

business is conducted in the interests of the people, at high speed, and with substantial adaptivity to changes.


- Optimisation of expenses and resources for construction, moving, and use

- Management of work process quality and employee motivation level

- Improvement of the joint workspace use coefficient


- Broad variability of workplaces and space utilization

- Efficient hybrid approach to workplace and remote communication

- Agile online strategic planning based on Power BI analytics


- Best worldwide organisational behaviour practices 

- Leading IT systems and a common intelligent environment

- Mobile App for automation of all office functions available to each employee for effective work and communication


- An office built for human comfort, freedom of choice, and professional development

- Balance between employee engagement and personal well-being inside your business

- New user experience due to high-quality FIT-OUT, progressive technologies and WOW effect of Multispace common areas