Russian Silicone Valley: A High-Tech Company Has Become a New Resident at the Multispace Dinamo Service Office

MIND Software, a young and actively growing Russian IT company, a software developer of data migration and improved fail-safety software families for advanced digital services, has become a new resident at the Multispace Dinamo service space. The company leased 70 residencies for its new office due to business growth. NF Group was the consultant on the deal. 

With the move to Multispace Dinamo, MIND Software has more than tripled the number of residents. Before that, the company leased around 20 workstations from the WeWork coworking network. The new company office will be located on the fourth floor of Multispace Dinamo. The common areas of the service office, including multifunctional transformer-space for events, a business lounge, a technologically advanced corporate café, and so on, are all available to the tenant.

There is a community coming to life in Multispace Dinamo — advanced technological companies who pay special attention not only to the quality and architecture of the office, but to its digital “filling” as well. 

Anton Gruzdev, MIND Software Technical Director:

“We are a modern, actively growing high-tech company. We develop our business in close cooperation with our partners and clients and we try to attract talented professionals in various areas in order to carry out our ideas and projects. It is very important to us that our office should reflect and extend our product ideas and work approach. The unique digital ecosystem of Multispace Dinamo, combined with flexible architectural solutions, reflects this idea perfectly, making our everyday work more comfortable and productive.”